Welcome to “The Wakes I Leave”…


After retiring as a scientist, I decided to dwell in old technologies, i.e., technologies that for a while were at the forefront of human endeaviour but that with time were superceded by other technologies, which one day – one wishes to believe – will also become obsolete and be replaced at their turn. My two initial picks were “sailing” and “radio”. Both, having been extremely useful for a number of years, have been refocused mainly as a sport or a hobby, in any case, activities that still exercise mind and body but that can be enjoyed as leisure activities. Interestingly, both radio and sailing are heavily dependent on the Sun: sailing is entirely dependent on the wind, which itself is influenced by the Sun, while HF radio waves need the ionization of the ionosphere by the radiation from the Sun to refract back to the Earth surface and follow the curvature of the Planet. Sailing and Amateur-Radio are also two endeavours that I have enjoyed for a number of years, having been a Sailing Instructor at the Advanced Level with the CYA and the ASA, and a licensed Radio Amateur since January 2004 (with callsigns VA3PCJ, VE3DTI, VE7PCJ and CX7RT). Hence, I hope that this blog will contain postings on current and past experiences mainly related to these two Sun-dependent-nearly-obsolete-albeit-highly-enjoyable old technologies.

Although I will invariably strive for truth (as we scientists understand it), what will be posted here will be driven only by personal preferences and experiences, and the joy of writing about them. Therefore, I make no claims for accuracy or thoroughness on any of the topics dealt here with, and if  anyone feels in any way inspired by any of these postings, all consequences that may ensue will be of his/her entire responsibility.

And BTW, anything in this blog that is not explicitly or implicitly copyright-ed by anyone else, is copyright © 2015-2018 by José VA3PCJ, Ottawa, Canada.

Thank you for the interest.

Sassy Gaffer

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