Field Day 2015

I had debated participating in Field Day from Sassy in Pinhey Pt. However, on Friday I decided not, due to the forecast (drop in temperature, rain and Easterly winds – i.e., not protected at Pinhey – and head-winds against the current for the return sail). Hence, Field Day was from the QTH as a VA3PCJ “1E ONE” QRP station using the “portable unit”: Elecraft KX3 at 5W with P-BOX Li-batteries, the Palm single-lever paddle and the MacBook Pro on its own battery running RumPed (see picture below).


The antenna was the 45′ vertical wire endfed via an Elecraft T1 remote (with its own 9V battery) and a single set of counterpoise 1/4 WL wires around the fence in the backyard, 1 meter off the ground.

The most difficult part was formatting the ARRL logsheet according to its required peculiarities using the ADIF and the Cabrillo files output by RumPed: first the ADIF file was uploaded to RumLog and from there the information was copied into Excel. This provided the data for the first 5 columns in the ARRL log sheet. However the sixth column required further work. This column reports the received exchanges. These are not output by RumPed to the ADIF file but are nevertheless output to the Cabrillo text file. Importing this file to Excel as a space delimited text file is what did the trick. Once the Print Area got correctly formatted in Excel, the whole was output as a PDF and voilà: ARRL Log Sheet.

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