RAC Canada Day 2015

Another Canada Day from the QTH… This year I decided to operate S&P, first on CW focussing on VE/VA contacts and then moving to SSB also giving preference to VE/VA QSOs, while leaving DX contacts for the end of the last day. I operated the ICOM 703 at 5W with the Bencher Iambic paddle (I like to make all my exchanges manually without relying on preprogrammed keys). The keyer was set at 21 wpm but was easily adjustable to match the speed of the station calling CQ. The logging software was RCKLog. Towards the end of the contest I had logged 77 QSOs, with one being a dupe. I do not know how it happened but it seems that the reciprocal reading between the software and the ICOM setup may have been faulty at times. With 21 multipliers and 76 valid contacts my claimed score was of 11674 points, enough for a mid-range placement in the category (SOABQRP). Conditions were not great: only three contacts in 80m and one (DX) in 15m. All the others where either in 20m or 40m. QSB was huge at times and in many instances I had to patiently wait for the return of signal in order to succeed in being acknowledged.

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