Aylmer Island (ON-295)

On August 15, 2015 VA3PCJ I sailed to Aylmer Island (FN25bj), a water-locked island mid-river in the Ottawa River, three nautical miles NW of the Nepean Sailing Club marina. From there, wth the KX3 and the PAR EndFedZ tribander I was able to take advantage of the NAQP SSB to log the 25 QSOs required to qualify the Island as “ON-295” for the “Canadian Islands Activators Program” (http://veislandactivators.blogspot.ca).


Aylmer Island is an Algonquin burial sacred ground. I am not sure what would be the proper protocol to observe in this regard, but I always smoke a pipe before leaving the island in memory of those buried there. The island is covered in Poinson Ivy (see picture) but this has never affected myself.

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