Contacts of another kind…

We had been warned…

“IPS geomagnetic disturbance warning 15/40 issued at 0132ut/08 September 2015 by the Australian Space Forecast Centre. The effect of a high speed solar wind stream from a coronal hole is keeping geomagnetic activity enhanced. Geomagnetic activity is expected to remain mostly enhanced to active levels on 8 September with the possibility of some minor storm periods. Increased geomagnetic activity expected due to coronal hole high speed wind stream for 08 September 2015”.

Nevertheless, early this aternoon, Bob VA3QV and myself decided to check by ourselves the ionospheric propagation, and headed towards the Mer Bleue area in South-East Ottawa (FN25EJ) with out portable gear.

Neither of us was able to make a single contact – a ionospheric one, that is – because we were contacted in person by several visitors to the Mer Bleue Bog area, who were curious about our endeavours. A nice family even asked if they could take some pictures. I agreed and passed to them my e-mail address, and they have kindly e-mailed their art pieces our way. Thanks!

Here is one of them:

Version 2

So there you go: a full person-to-person QSO, QSL included, in spite of the geomagnetic storms…

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