Ladies’ Day on The Lake

Yesterday, Thursday September 10 2015, was my eighth outing upriver of the season. But this time I was not alone. This was the “Ladies’ Day on The Lake”.

There was very little wind, so it was a perfect occasion to test the Tohatsu engine, which, since having sealed the outlet at the tank it had been performing flawlessly. And yesterday was not an exception.

Cast-off was at 10:00AM and the return to the mooring slip in the Nepean Sailing Club was exactly at 19:00. The trip included a stop at anchor on the South shore of Aylmer Island for a short visit to the Island, a hop to the Aylmer Marina for a nice early dinner at the restaurant, followed by a leisurely sail back to the Nepean Sailing Club. Here is the track:

September 10 2015

What I did not expect was to find in the balcony of the Club House of the “Club de Voile Grande Rivière” a wooden effigy of… myself?:


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