CX7RT – First CX, First in the SA continent, Record Holder…?

On March 28-29 2015, from my tiny appartment in Piriápolis (GF25id), with the KX3 at 5W and a 7-meter long wire (as endfed monobander dipole for 15m) in an inverted “V” configuration, I set as CX7RT to participate in the CQ WPX SSB in the “SOQRP 15m” category. With such setup I was not expecting many contacts, and in the end I had logged only 9 QSOs in three different DXCC entities (LU, PY and CE) with seven different prefixes. Of those, 7 QSOs were validated, leaving 5 valid prefixes for a final score or 35.

Well, as it happened this was still enough to place me first in the “SOQPR 15m” category among all CX’s (I was the only one…) and also first in the South America continent (I was also the one and only). And if this was not enough, It also made CX7RT the CX record holder for the category and the band

Not bad for a short wire and 5W of power. The only problem is whether I was actually first… or last?



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