CME causes G3-class storm affecting local nets in 80 meters

Yesterday, a CME that had left the Sun two days earlier, cause a G3 geomagnetic storm that affected operations of the two 80m nets in the Ottawa area taking place on Sundays: the Pot Hole Net (Sundays at 10:00AM EDT, 3.760 MHz, LSB) and the Pot Lid Net (Sundays at 11:00AM EDT. 3.620 MHz, CW).

Nothing was heard in the first net and only two very faint CW signals were audible in the second net. A quick glance at pointed at the most plausible cause:

“Arriving a full day earlier than expected, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on Sept. 20th at approximately 0600 UT. The impact sparked a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm and bright auroras over high-latitude regions of North America.”

Here is the NOA-SPCW 3-hr graph for the Planetary K4 index yesterday (September 20 2015) showing that it remained at K>= 4 during the net hours:

G3 - Sept 20 2015


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