A Short Sail with Old Friends…

Yesterday, Friday September 25, “Sassy” had her eighth outing up-river of the season. We had a commitment with a couple of old friends – Doug and Gillian – for a spin up-river on the lake. Although with a crew of four, “Sassy” felt lighter than usual, as in preparation for the haul-out in the coming weeks I had been removing everything that wouldn’t be needed until next season: I had rowed the dinghy to the ramp, placed it on the rack of the car and driven it home, I had also removed the Force 10 BBQ, the Fortress anchor and its rode (but the Bruce and the Rocna stayed), all the bed clothing and most of the galley-related items. I had also conducted an inspection of the rigging: the screw attaching the block for the topping lift at the end of the boom was coming loose and was re-tightened. Then, so not to delay departure once our guests arrived at the marina, I had arrived at the dock ahead of time to get the boat ready (cockpit cushions, fuel, engine, sail cover, etc.)  Everything worked like a clock. The sky was overcast (the picture below was from a previous day) but with zero percent probability of rain. Temperature was 18ºC. The wind was NE at 5-8 knots. This direction of the wind is optimal for sailing up (NW) and down (SE) the river, as both these headings can be sailed in a beam-broad reach without changing tacks. Our guests arrived at 17:00 and a 17:15 “Sassy” motored out of the marina and, with the expert aid of Steeve-Theodore, she hoisted sail upwind at the KNB junction marker  (S-T is Sassy’s “helm-mate” – an ST-1000 Raymarine autopilot). Once on a starboard broad-reach, “Sassy” easily attained her hull-speed of 4-5 knots with minimal heeling. Munchies and juice were served. Unfortunately, we only had a couple of hours and could not go much further than past the K4 marker. “Sassy” then tacked to a port beam-reach and headed back. I had promised our guests that we would be back before sunset, a promise that “Sassy” was unable to keep since she made it to the dock at 19:00 EDT – 5 minutes after… hence with running and masthead lights on (she was motoring). The engine could not have performed better and docking was almost perfect (she touched the end of the dock a bit too soon but that was quickly corrected). Then it was dinnertime at the Club House. “The Galley” had run out of Beef Specials, but the pork chops did rise to the occasion. In spite of being the last crew to leave the Club House, time was too short to uptade each other on the many events in each others’ families and to see pictures of each others’ children and grandchildren in the iPods…

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