Undead Correspondence with the Grand Witchess…

The following correspondence ensued in reference to the “ZOMBIE SHUFFLE”


From no-where in timeless-land, an un-numbered Zombie once un-wrote:

“Hi Jan…

I may have had a Zombie number while I was still alive eons ago, but can no longer find it inside my empty skull… Could you remind me which one it was or issue a new one to me?  I’d likely be participating as VE3DTI (DTI: Dead & Totally Insane…).

Thank you for the fun shuffle! 73 es Boo!



And the Grand Witchess un-replied:

“ing! Poof! Pow! Bam! Cackle! Screech! Howl! Ah-ooooooooo! Ahem…that was my Merlyn-the-Wizard wind-up pitch… I feel better now … zzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaap!!! I hereby count thee among the undead and bestow upon you Zombie #1176! It’s yours for life … or death … or … well, you know… Oooops, I left the Merlyn machine on … better go see what happened to the dog … here boy! Where are you? Mojo…


Jan N0QT
Witchess & Grand Zombie #015

To make your own Zombie badge, visit the link below:


The Grand Witchess had un-spoken… Hence, Zombie Nr. 1176 shuffled its way (…”his” or “her” are human pronouns) into the link above and after some PowerPoint un-magic, was able (un-able…?) to produce what follows:

Zombie Badge 1176

On the evening of October 30, watch out for QRP (or was it RIP…?) Zombie Nr. 1176 (VE3-“Dead & Totally Insane”)…


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