SM5/ from Storvreta & DL/ from Müsen…

I will be abroad for a month. First in Sweden (Storvreta, North of Uppsala). Then in Germany (Müsen, in North Rhine-Westphalia). I got the CEPT permit from RAC, which together with the Canadian license allows amateurs to operate in both those countries. In Sweden, from Storvreta/Uppsala I will be using callsign SM5/VE3DTI and from Germany, DL/VE3DTI. I am bringing the KX3 and a couple of portable antennas and hope, as occasions permit, to “activate” both Storvreta and Müsen…  I’d likely operate CW /QRP/P, mainly S&P, in the 40m to 17m bands. From Storvreta, on the last weekend in November, I may try a few calls in the CQ WW CW; and from Müsen, in December, I may do the same in the SKCC SKSE and the SKCC WES.



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