First Two Weeks from GF25id: No Miracles in the High Bands…

The conditions are not the best for QRP DX contacts to and from GF25id. The SN has been below 50, the K index often goes above 3 and, due to coronal holes, solar winds are often high. Hence, opportunities for completing a contact are fewer than in previous years. As an example. conditions to reach Ottawa, according to VOACAP, would be best (but only at 70%) in the 12- and 15-meter bands and only for short periods of time in the afternoon.

In the last couple of weeks, only a few contacts have been possible: 8 in the 10-meter band in the context of the SA10m contest (surprisingly, two of those were with stations in the US: OH and MN), and 2 in the 15-meter band (one in Chile and another in Paraguay):


In 2015, operating QRP in March and April, with the same rig (KX3) and small wire antennas, 27 contacts were made in the 15-meter band. The frequency polygone yielded by these 27 contacts indicates that the period in which this band openned spanned abt. 10 hours: from 1330z to 2300z, or 10:30 to 20:00 local time. Interestingly, the two contacts made in this band in 2016 were at the center of this interval (1800z – 2100z or 15:00 – 18:00 local time) suggesting that in 2016 this window might have further narrowed to a 3 hour interval in mid-afternoon.

I will continue to call CQ and operate S&P mainly within these bands and periods, but no miracles are expected.



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