Basic DXCC Award for SM5/VE3DTI

Several Radio Amateur Organizations offer “Basic DXCC Awards” to QRP operators contacting 25 or more DXCC entities. This includes the QRP Amateur Radio Club International, the North American QRP CW Club, the Croatia 9A QRP Club and the British G-QRP Club. Some of them require confirmation of each contact as QSL, while others accept unilateral information on the QSO.

I use both eQSL and LoTW as sole methods for confirmation of contacts. This reduces to 25-50% the efficiency with which QSO’s become QSL’s. LoTW only offers recognitions for 100 or more DXCC QSLs. For a station operating QRP with small wire antennas, this is a very tall order. However, as VE3DTI and operating from Canada, I was able to surpass the required confirmed DXCC entities and was awarded the regular LoTW DXCC Award in CW (the QRP Award had been received from ARRL a year before). However, when operating abroad for short periods, this is more difficult.

Last year (2015), during two weeks in November-December, I operated QRP/P as SM5/VE3DTI, from a farm, north of Uppsala, in the Swedish town of Storvreta ( One hundred and forty one QSO’s were logged from that location in 31 DXCC entities. Twenty-three of these DXCC entities had QSO’s confirmed as QSL’s in LoTW. In addition, the only contact made within Sweden (with SM5F in Uppsala) was confirmed via the exchange of traditional QSL cards: Johan-SM5F’s QTH was less than 10 Km away and he was able to kindly deliver in person his QSL card to my occasional QTH. This brought the count of confirmed DXCC’s to 24. However, a few days ago C4Z also confirmed in LoTW, which brought the total count to 25 QSL’s .

Here is proof for a “Basic DXCC Award Certificate” (if no club or organization comes forward with an interest for adding its name and certificate to this unique set of QSL’s, I may eventually produce a design of my own, since after all… what’s the point?!


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