Certified Emergency Coordinator


I am not sure I will ever make use of this certificate – in fact, I hope never to have to. Nevertheless, I felt I owed it to the Radio Amateur community to make the effort. As indicated in the ARES section of the RAC website: “the CEC designation should be considered as being a requirement by and for every Canadian Radio Amateur who is serious about providing public service communications“.

I encourage others to do the same. It is worth the knowledge of the rules under which radio amateurs would be expected to conduct activities in emergencies, the way they would relate to the powers to be, and the specific terminology used to identify the different levels of  authority and reporting that would exist in such occasions.

The exam is an “open book” written test in which each question, in addition to the corresponding answer, also requires a reference to the document and paragraph or page pertaining to each question or answer. The instructions and the pertinent documents are all available from the RAC website at:


The documents minimally required are:

It is not necessary to be a RAC member to take the exam and obtain the certificate. Applying for the certificate is free for RAC member and an administration fee of $5.00 applies for non-members. The information is available in the two official languages of Canada.


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