La stagione dei fiori è già qui…


… and with it “Sassy Gaffer” emerged yesterday from under her tarp… she opened her Horus Eyes (virtual ones, since she is not a Maltese Luzzu), and asked when she could go in the water. Unfortunatelly that will have to wait as the docks at the ramp in the Dick Bell Park are not in place yet, an operation that has to wait for the water level in the Ottawa river to drop further. She also asked me whether I would consider sanding and varnishing the tiller of her RudderCraf rudder and when I told her that it already had received a first coat of Cetol, she pleaded to have all her teak on deck to be treated likewise… this would include the teak linings of the cockpit seats, the hatch door, the handrails, the long and thin trimming that curves around roof of the cabin, the woods at the sides of the hatch door and – of course – the gallows… It is a toll order that also goes against her initial decision of aging gracefully… (or was it greycefully…). However, at age 6 she may be entitled to some make-up, so, we’ll see…



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