First /QRP/P HF Outing of the Season

Yesterday afternoon, for the first time this season, Ottawa temperatures reached the mid-twenties centigrade… and Bob VA3QV headed for the grounds of the Science and Technology Museum (former and future, since after being demolished it is slowly being rebuild and currently it is just a contruction yard with a fence sporting rather strange graphic designs…):

Strange designs

Bob had brought his new “Nue-PSK Digital Modem” and was making PSK contacts in the 20m band with his FT-817 and 20m PAR EndFedZ. I biked to join him and using the KX3, a vintage Buddipole and the Palm Single Paddle was able to log Robert N4CD calling from Plano, TX. Other stations that were overheard making contacts in the CW portion of 20m band were ON4VT, W5NLI, KM4DR, G2VBU, AA8OV, DF4XX, IK1QFP and the ever present 30-wpm PV8ADI. Not bad given recent prevailing conditions for propagation in the 20m band.


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