“For Whom the ‘CW’ Tolls”…

This coming weekend (May 21-22) is URE’s 2016 “His Majesty The King of Spain CW Contest” (http://concursos.ure.es/en/s-m-el-rey-de-espana-cw/):


The results from last year were published here:


With almost 1,000 logs submitted it is fast becoming a European classic. It has the additional incentive of the participation of His Majesty the King of Spain (in person or one of His subjects on his behalf). His Majesty participates with callsign EF0F giving the multiplier SMR (“Su Majestad el Rey”). In the past the Royal log of the contest has been submitted as checklog.

Last year VE3DTI participated as SOP-QRP DX. He ended 28th out of 35 and no, he was not awarded a Royal certificate… However, he did log His Majesty’s EF0F SMR (in 15m) and he also finished First SOP-QRP for all the Americas

“… And therefore never send to know for whom the ‘CW’ tolls; it tolls for thee.”

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