First Sail of 2016

The first sail of the season is seldom to go anywhere: it is mainly a test for the boat and her sailor.

Yesterday (May 27 2016) the forecast was for high temperatures with WSW winds at 10 Kts., a mix of sun and clouds with the possibility of a shower.

Sassy-Gaffer was underway at 14:15 local time, hoisted sail around 14:30, tacked upwind for 2 hours, turned around when abeam of the Aylmer Marina, gybed downwind for half an hour, doused sail and was back at the dock 3 hours after undocking.

Lac Deschènes was almost all hers as the encounters of the day were just a few: the K4 marker, a See-doo Speedster 200 unceremoniously crossing her bow while flying its blue fenders in the wind, a small seaplane repeatedly taking off aft from her, a noisy flock of some two-hundred Canada geese flying NW, a wild-goose decoy floating in mid-lake (displaying on its side what looked like the sign of a long gone ammunition company: “ALCAN”?), and from a short distance, the friendly silhouette of Aylmer Island.

In mid-sail it rained for a few minutes with the first large drops shining brightly on Sassy’s sail. It was not quite a squall but the cumulus nimbus started towering up as it moved NE over Ottawa.

Overall, a successful first outing of the season both for Sassy and her skipper.



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