Yesterday afternoon the forecast was for 50% chance of rain. Nevertheless Bob VA3QV and myself decided to try setting portable in the front gardens of the (former and future…) Museum of Science and Technology. Rain (and even some cloud-growling) made us pack-up after only a few minutes. However, before the pour we both were able to hear some HF action in spite of current poor propagation conditions.

Mainly because of the forecast I decided to try a minimalist portable shack. The condition was that the entire equipment had to fit within a Pelican Box 1200. The only concession was the telescopic SotaBeams 10-meter “travel” mast. Here is the “Shack-in-a-Pelican”:


With not much more than 2W I was more interested in listening than in sending code. However, two stations were heard in 20m calling CQ with 599 signals:

  • ON4UN John (14.0180 MHz, at 1829z)
  • G3RGE Ken (14.0530 MHz at 1836z)

They never acknowledged the “KX1-in-a-Pelican” calling /QRP/P from a park in Ottawa, but it was worth a try.

And then the rain started.


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