One Year of Wakes…

Version 2

It’s been one year since I started posting short articles in this blog (the first posting is dated June 27 2015). It was meant as a diary for activities related to the two hobbies of my retirement years: memories of brief moments as a radio-amateur and an amateur of sailing (sometimes both…).

I made this blog “Public” so that family and friends could have access to it, but it was never intended to become too popular, least of all “trendy”. Nevertheless, after 79 postings (80 with this one) I am happy to acknowledge over to 1.500 visitors and over 3,300 views (hopefully some were real people and not robots, worms or other forms of “fishing” tools roaming the web…), as well as several interesting comments from readers at large.

At 71 I have already surpassed the life span of all the male ancestors accounted for in my genealogy… Also, experiences may repeat themselves and postings may loose in originality. However, with some luck I hope to continue to post on both past and future experiences related to these two very enjoyable activities, both directly related – as life itself – to the power of the Sun.

Hence, quite unapologetically, this blog is mainly intended for self-indulgence and self-satisfaction, and if anyone finds any of the postings interesting, useful or inspiring, so much the better… However, the disclaimer in the initial posting still applies…

If a Radio Amateur: vry 73,
and if a sailor (as the trio sings in “Così fan tutte“): “Soave sia il vento, Tranquilla sia l’onda”…

de José Campione

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