First (and not also Last)

Much of VA3PCJ advanced training as a sailor and sailing instructor was done sailing in B.C., out of Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, cruising the Strait of Georgia and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, circumnavigating Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, exploring Howe and Desolation sounds, visiting Powell River and the amazing U’Mista collection in Alert Bay, sailing out into the Pacific (to Heck Seamount some 250 Km off the west coast of Vancouver Island) and back to Hot Springs Cove and piloting into Tofino. Also, twice he moved west to B.C. (in 1981 and in 2008) and twice work-related circumstances brought him back to the East. However, a big chunk of his heart remained in the Pacific Coast: quite literally now that his daughter lives and works in B.C.. But VA3PCJ has yet another good reason to feel a link to B.C.: he also holds callsign VE7PCJ, which he used in VHF while a member of the Richmond Amateur Radio Club and later in HF while operating /QRP/P as a visitor to B.C. Hence, every time Rebecca VA7BEC, from the ORCA DX and Contest Club, holds the superbly organized BC QSO Party, VA3PCJ fires-up his QRP rig in Ottawa and tries to make contact 2000+ miles away with radio amateurs in B.C. And sometimes, VA3PCJ gets very lucky:

BCQP 2016 diploma

(and this time he was not “first and also last”, but just “first”:


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