“Being There…”

I have not been too active in radio lately. And boat-wise I’ve been even worse. What have I been doing? Well, there has been family of course, but I also wrote a couple of short stories (that’s a way of writing my memories without taking them too seriously). I’ve been writing those in my own version of Castilian, because it is of a place and a time when I was a teenager, and now that I am a “seniager” it helps me bring back some of the freshness of those earlier years. In addition, I have been trying a return to music. I used to play several instruments. Never too well, just enough to enjoy the moment and “be there” – much as I do with radio each time I participate in a contest. Which is exactly what I did on July the 1st. in the RAC Canada Day Contest and yesterday, in the IARU-HF Championship.

I remain amazed at what is still possible in HF with only 5W and a 50+ ft. wire, even at the quasi-bottom of the Sun’s cycle, with strong solar winds from huge coronal holes keeping the K indices high, and not a single speck, not to mention a spot, showing on the face of the Sun: in the RAC contest I managed to reach every Canadian province with the single exception of Prince Edward Island. However, lo and behold, yesterday in the IARU-HF I logged VY2GM. Hence, in the span of ten days, with 5 watts along a long wire I was able to reach every province in Canada. Of course, most of the work was done by the mega-antennas of the super-stations that I was able to contact…

As for the boat, may be today I will take her out for a spin.

The log of VA3PCJ in both contests (actually, VA3PCJ’s entire log) can be browsed with a click on the following image:

Last 15 QSO from HAMLOG.EU


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