DX QSOs and a NPOTA while /P from Rockland, ON

Yesterday, for less than an hour before dinner and a a few minutes after, I was able to operate /P from Rockland, Ontario (FN25im). The conditions for HF were dim as have been lately. However the K-index was low and the geomagnetic field was quiet. From Rockland, ON, the background noise has been usually less than from my QTH in Ottawa and yesterday there was almost no noise in the 20m band.

I operated the KX3 at 10W (not quite QRP…) and the antenna was the 20m PAR EndFedZ (held up by the DK9SQ 10-meter mast). The PS was a P-BOX battery and the key was the Palm Radio single paddle. This was the log:

21:33  14006.0        UA3KW            Vlad                 Voronezh
21:39  14010.0        EA8TL               Jorge               Tenerife (IOTA AF-004)
21:44  14033.0        CT8/W6NY      Thurston        Azores (IOTA EU-149)
21:53  14033.0         DR160TESLA  Special Stn.   Erbach
21:58  14033.0         S59AA              Franc               Ljubljana
23:28  14025.5         N0AC/M          Bill                   NPOTA MN28, Colorado

Also heard: UT5UJO, EA7GX and IT9SSI

This was a nice fishing harvest: Two IOTA’s in two different continents (CT8 was a first in my logs), Russia, Slovenia, a German station commemorating the 160th birthday of Nikola Tesla and a portable to mobile contact with a /M station operating from NPOTA MN28 (Florissant Fossil Beds Park in Teller County, Colorado).

The site of operation in Rockland is in the SW part of town, which is not particularly high ground. However, about 800m towards the S there is a large promontory ~100m high, which likely contributed to the name of the town and whose role, if any, in favouring N-E over S-W HF communications can only be speculated upon.


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