The Wakes I Leave…

3,000 QSL’s in LoTW


Within less than 24 hours of the NAQP CW, over 20 of the participants had confirmed their contact in the “Log of The World” (LoTW). This has had an interesting and immediate consequence: I have just surpassed 3,000 QSL’s in LoTW (imagine if they were QSL cards).

As of today (August 7, 2016), considering all the callsigns with all the prefixes and suffixes that I have used in the nine years that I have been active in radio since being licensed in January 2004 (I was not active in radio 2007, 08 and 09), LoTW shows 3,021 independent confirmations (“QSL records”) from 1,639 different callsigns or stations in 111 DXCC entities out of some 6,000 QSO’s (the QSL number is exact but the number of QSO’s may be slightly overestimated due to occasional duplication of erroneous dupes).

Most of those contacts (~90%) were made after May 2010, when I started operating QRP.

How to extract QSL’s unique callsigns and unique DXCC’s is fairly simple. Here is how I did it:

Here is a chart with the 3,021 LoTW QSL’s plotted per DXCC entity in a semi-log bar-graph (click on it to enlarge):