QRP from Ontario in the OK/OM DX Contest

At times like current ones I cannot imagine anything more fitting than to reach towards the very grounds of the “Velvet Revolution”, the non-violent sequence of events that in the late 80s brought philosopher and writer Václav Havel (http://www.vaclavhavel.cz/index.php?sec=1&id=1) to become President of Czechoslovakia, and later, first President of the Czech Republic.

Last weekend (November 12-13 2016) took place the OK-OM DX Contest for radio-amateurs in the Check Republic (OM and OL prefixes) and the Slovak Republic (OM prefix): http://okomdx.crk.cz/index.php?page=english.

Giving current propagation conditions the probabilities for an antenna-challenged QRP station from Ontario making a contact with a station in the Check or the Slovak Republics appeared very dim: the SFI was below 80, the Solar wind was high, the K/Planetary index was also high and the Geomagnetic Field was unsettled causing the High Bands (15 and 20 meters) to show “poor” conditions for radio contacts.

However, in the morning of Saturday November 12 2016, for a short period of just a few minutes there was an opening from my QTH towards Central Europe in the 15m band, during which I was able to complete eight CW QRP QSOs with OK/OM stations participating in the contest:


This goes to show that one should never loose hope and should always give one’s best effort with whatever power(s) one might have within one’s reach, no matter how bad the conditions and how remote the odds of success might appear to be.