The WAS That Wasn’t, That Suddenly WAS…

This is the story of a WAS that wasn’t… until suddenly, it WAS…


After 6.000+ QSOs logged from Ontario locations, 3,000+ of which had been with stations in the US, three WAS (Worked All States) Awards had been already received:


Yet, the eQSL “Mixed eWAS” Award remained elusive.

This was of little surprise because while over 50% of the QSOs had been confirmed in LoTW, only 20% had received confirmation in eQSL. The numbers of QSO’s vary with each State:


Although in eQSL nine States had only one confirmed QSO each (AK, DE, ID, MT, ND, NE, NV, OR and RI), eQSL confirmations had been received for 50 states.  Yet, eQSL considers MD and WDC as separate States, hence, it required 51 States for the completion of the eWAS. The elusive one was the State of Hawaii. Although several QSOs with Hawaii were in the logs, none had been with an eQSL member. Given current HF propagation conditions, it was highly unlikely for a QRP station operating from East Ontario with a small wire antenna to be able to make contact with a KH6 station that would also be an eQSL user. Yet this is exactly what happened: within the 2016 CQ WW CW a contact was made in the 40-meter band with KH6J (the station of the Koolau Amateur Radio Club in Kaneohe, on the NE shore of O’ahu Island). Walt AH6OZ, its trustee, kindly agree to operated the magic that turned the QSO into a confirmed eQSL. Here is his eQSL card together with the other nine unique eQSL cards that together contributed to 20% of this eWAS Award.


And this is how the WAS that wasn’t, suddenly WAS…