Spotted in Antarctica at the Bottom of the Solar Cycle – With 5W and a Wire Antenna

Currently, HF propagation has been poor for frequencies above the 20m band. However, during the last two days the 17m band has showed openings to Europe and the Caribbean, allowing for a few  JT65 QSOs with DX stations in those locations.

However, the most notable finding was that the 5-Watt JT65 signal output by the ICOM 703 and broadcasted by a vertical end-fed wire antenna could be heard in Antarctica (abt 14K Km) at the DP1POL Neumeyer III station on the Ekström Ice Shelf:


From Ottawa, my QRP signal had reached Antarctica before (also in the 17m band): on December 21, 2014, a CW QSO (later confirmed in LoTW) was completed with callsign RI1ANR in the Novolazarevskaya Station, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. However this was during a period of significant better HF propagation. Under current conditions, the spotting by DP1POL in PSKreporter (, even if at -23db (I have had QSOs confirmed with reports as low as -27db), came quite as a surprise.