Batman’s Batradio in the Batcave of the Batsixties

In 1966, the classic TV series “Batman” was in its first season. At the onset of the 2nd episode (entitled “Smack in the Middle”) Batman is seen in the Batcave operating a radio with a microphone in its hand. The following is a composite from pics of that episode (the wording in the bubbles does not follow the original script…):


Most of the electronics around look unapologetically fake. However, a few of the items may have been real: the one showing on the table, at the bottom-left corner of the first image seems to have the inscription “…GNER” (likely for “ALIGNER”?); the piece with a semicircular dial, behind Batman’s right arm, may correspond to a  receiver; and the one with many knobs, obscured behind Batman’s right side, could have been a vintage transmitter. Here is a blow-up from the corner of the first picture:

BATMAN (1).jpg