Hibernating in her 7th Birthday

Tomorrow will be Sassy’s 7th birthday. It was in March 18, 2010 when for the first time she was lowered on her trailer and wheeled out of the Hutchins’ shipyard in Clearwater, FL, ready to be hauled all the way to Canada. Here is a picture of her on that very morning:


And here is how she looks right now (actualy, March 15, 2017), seven years later (not much is revealed under the tarp but the hull waterline and the blue bottom are clearly recognizable):

FullSizeRender (1)

Sassy has been tucked under her tarp since late August. In February, and also last week, she endured the coldest nights of the winter and a great deal of snow and ice, which seems to have caused the collapse of the tarp ahead of the gallows. However, a closer access and examination will have to wait until the snow further thaws. The official launching day at the marina is the first weekend in May, but with some luck she will be in the water ahead of that date.

Happy Birthday, Sassy girl, and please forgive me for having brought you from the blond sands of Caribbean Florida to the white snows of the “Great White North”…