First CW QSOs of the Season from Outside the QTH


Last weekend I was able to operate /QRP/P (albeit as a “fixed station”), from the deck of my son’s house in Rockland, ON (in Prescott-Russell county). I used the KX3 @ 5W with the PAR EndFedZ “Trail-Friendly” tribander up the S9v43 pole.

I managed to log a few CW stations in three simultaneous contests: OQP, MIQP and CQMM (one the advantages of transmitting manually is to be able to send different exchanges as required by each contest: OQP: “599 PRU”, MIQP: “599 001 ON”, CQMM: “599 NAQ”). Of course, I never expected to do well in any of them (my only hope for a win was to be the only station from PRU in the OQP – a hope that was quickly shattered when I oveheard VA3SY giving the PRU multiplier from Alfred, ON).

The highlights of the weekend were the three VE3 stations in the OQP that did answer my call: VE3FN (ESX), VE3MGY (ELG) and CG3CX (TBY), the several DX stations logged for the CQMM (3 PY, 2 CO, XE, VP5, KP2, F, I and GW) and the YL station from OR (YL stations are worth 10 points in the CQMM): Paula NX1P (a dedicated professional engineer and radio-amateur with a great page in

BTW, the ‘old logger brought back to life within a box by El Capitan‘ did an excellent job and wished there had been more QSOs to log in the OQP…