A Recent QRP (2W) DX QSO with the KX1 and the Alexloop Indoors

It is not the first time that VE3DTI manages a CW DX QSO with the Alexloop indoors – all contacts as SM5/VE3DTI and DL/VE3DTI were made in this manner. However, those were made in November-December 2015 (when HF propagation was significantly better than it is right now) and with the Elecraft KX3 operating at 5 Watts.

Instead, the QSO with Duc F5UQE was logged a couple of days ago using the home-assembled KX1 (see “Shack in a Pelican“) at 2.0 Watts (as reported by the KX1 ATU function). The Alexloop was on a camera tripod inside the living room of VE3DTI son’s house in Rockland, Ontario (FN25im). The contact was not easy (as shown by the RST’s: Rx 319, Tx 339), but, with some effort, reports, names, QTH’s and even SKCC Tribune numbers were successfully exchanged.

The distance between Grid Loc’s JO10is and FN25im is of 3,444 miles (http://www.w7ce.com/cgi-bin/gridcalc), which places this QSO well over the 1K mile-per-watt mark.

The QSO has since been confirmed both in eQSL and LoTW:


Un gran merci et 73, Duc!