QRP ‘Spell’ of “FLORIDA SUN” 45.37º N

The weekend at 45.37ºN (& 075.60ºW) was cold and wet, quite appropriate for a few hours of shack-time contacting stations in warmer, sunnier latitudes. Propagation conditions were poor, but early in the afternoon the 20m band did open enough for even a challenged QRP signal to be heard from the Gulf of Mexico. Coincidentally, the Florida QSO Party (FQP) (http://floridaqsoparty.org) was taking place during the weekend, and they were celebrating their 20th anniversary. With the Icom 703 at 5W and the 50+ Ft. end-fed wire, VA3PCJ tried to participate S&P as Single-OP MIXED QRP (non-assisted). In the end, 26 QSO’s were logged (19 CW, 7 SSB) with 22 Multipliers (15 CW, 7 SSB):

flqp-2017 (1)

It was a better result than last year, when VE3DTI, as Single-OP MIXED LOW (with the Icom 706MKIIG) logged a similar number of contacts.

But the FQP has an additional twist: the “FQP Spelling Bee Special Event” – a number of Florida stations participate with special callsigns with single-letter suffixes with which to spell “FLORIDA SUN” and receive a colourful certificate. This is VE3DTI’s from last year:


As for this year, VA3PCJ almost spelled it twice: