CQ WW RTTY SOQRP 15m First, and CX & CQ Zone Record

Last September, CX7RT (alias VA3PCJ, alias VE3DTI) participated in the CQ World Wide RTTY Contest from Piriápolis Uruguay (Grid Loc. GF25id). He operated his KX3 at 5W with a ~7-meter wire rigged as 15m-band end-fed dipole deployed in an inverted-Vee configuration from inside a fourth-floor balcony. W1HKJ’s Fldigi running in a MacBook Pro provided for digital RTTY interpretation and real-time logging.

With a score of 351, CX7RT was First “SOQRP 15m” for Uruguay, 2nd in South America, 16th in the World and also captured the contest all-time record for Uruguay and CQ Zone 13, in that mode, band and category:


Can’t ask much more from just 5W and a short wire…