First Sail of the Season… Into Her Own Wind

Yesterday, June 8 (quite late by Sassy’s standards), Sassy had her first outing on the river: a leisurely motor-sail up-river to Aylmer Island and back…

The day was perfect, except that no wind was being felt over the water. Sassy’s mainsail, gaff and all, went up and for a little while she was able to sail into her own wind, literally generated by the propeller of her Tohatsu (equivalent yesterday to the apparent wind, since there was no true wind to fill her sail).

Nevertheless, the motor-sail was enough to show that everything in the boat was operational, as well as to take a nice picture of a wake prolonged in the reflection of the clouds:


and another confirming that Aylmer Island is still without much of its beach (water levels are still over one meter higher than datum):