VA3PCJ/VE2 & Canada Day

The old Jeep Liberty CRD – whose license plate actually is “VA3PCJ” – made it to Montréal and was up to its call performing many errands and moving large boxes (see the attached).

Driving in Montreal is not for the non-initiated and both Goggle Maps and the Garmin were of great help. Nevertheless, construction was pervasive through most of the city and more than one ramp had a “BARRÉE” sign without Google or Garmin having taken notice of it.

In the morning of July 1st., prior to check-out time, with the Alexloop and the KX3 inside the hotel room, VA3PCJ/VE2 was able to complete 14 CW QRP QSO’s in the RAC Canada Day Contest held during Canada’s 150th “Canada Day”.