Crow Lake – QRP DX and an Unforgettable Paddle to Snake Island


Last week I joined the family at a cottage on the shore of Crow Lake (FN14QR). From there, with the KX3 at 5W and the Alexloop, on July 4, I was able to make the following CW contacts in 20m: J68GD, EA5BYP, V4/KE1B, K2G, W5FMH.

The following day, with my son Nicolas in the hard-hull yellow kayak shown on the picture and myself in the inflatable Sevylor Rio – we paddled together the 1.25 (2.30 Km) nautical miles (nm) from the cottage to a small island in the middle of the lake, and back to the cottage for a total of 2.5 nm (4.6 Km) – an unforgettable paddle.

Close to the water-line we were greeted by blooming plants of “northern blue flags” (Iris versicolor) and on the island Nicolas found veins of crystallized feldspath with dykes of dark diabase.

Back in the cottage, affixed to one of the walls, was a map produced by the “Great Bobs and Crow Lakes Assotiation” clearly indicating the islands in Crow Lake: we had paddled past “Gull Shoal” all the way to “Snake Island” (FN14QR60), faring between “Green Island” (FN14QR61) and “Bertrim Island” (FN14QR50).

All the Crow Lake islands, having been identified by name and clearly indicated in an existing map, now beg to be qualified and activated for the “Canadian Island Activators” program (