“Radio-Virgin” Islands in the National Capital Region



Quite surprisingly, within the Ottawa National Capital Region, there are numerous islands that still awaiting qualification within the “Canadian Island Activators” program (http://veislandactivators.blogspot.ca). Some of them may be private or off limits and others may have further integrated to the “main land”.

Here, identified by name and Grid Loc. position, are all those I was able to find to date (there can be more). They are all properly named and positioned in maps or charts available in the web. Some are “water-locked” but some are readily accessible by land:

In the Rideau River:

  • Nicolls Is. (FN25DG50) (different from ON193 Nicol Is.(EN68FT89))
  • Long Is. (FN25DF67) (different from ON257 Long Is. (EO30KR38))
  • Cummings Is. (FN25DK93)
  • Camper’s Is. (FN25DH63)
  • James Is. (FN25EC49)
  • Sanders Is. (FN25ED37)
  • Clifford Allen Is. (FN25DJ72)
  • Crystal Guillot Is. (FN25DJ83)

In the Ottawa River:

  • Lower Duck Is. (FN25EL92)
  • Chaudière Is. (FN25DK30)
  • Lemieux Is. (FN25DJ29)
  • Bell Is. (FN25DJ29) (different from ON239 (FN05DD52))
  • Lumpy Denomee’s Is. (FN25DJ19)
  • Nichols Is. (FN25DJ19)
  • Young Is. (FN25DJ19)
  • Merril Is. (FN25DJ19)
  • Kedey’s Is. (FN15VL33)
  • Alexandra Is. (FN15VL25)
  • Slide Is. (FN15VL23)
  • Victoria Is. (FN15VL22) (different from ON123 (FN25DK))
  • Killally Is. (FN15VL21)
  • Crane Is. (FN15VL21)
  • Chartrand Is. (FN25BJ20)
  • Haycock Is. (FN25BI29)