The Log of a “Presto-Style” Eight-Hour Sailing Adventure

Image OC Transpo Sailing.jpg

On July 17, “Sassy’s” land-auxiliary (i.e., the CRD Jeep) was being called for other portaging duties, but no so its regular old driver. Yet, the weather was inviting for a sail up-river. I reached into my pocket and there it was… the “OC Transpo” “Presto” card. What follows is the actual log of the eight-hour “Presto”-style sailing adventure that ensued (the asterisk (*) indicates each time the “Presto” card was being put to use):

  • 14:10 EDT: walking to the bus stop at Elmvale Plaza
  • 14:18 EDT: hop on 86 to Baseline*
  • 14:29 EDT: taking picture from the bus of new structures in Hurdman Station
  • 14:38 EDT: at Laurier stop
  • 14:45 EDT: hop on 97 to Bayshore*
  • 15:28 EDT: at Bayshore bus terminal and walking across Haydon Park to the NSC
  • 16:20 EDT: at the docks in the marina at the NSC
  • 16:49 EDT: undocking and motoring out the marina
  • 17:15 EDT: on full sail in 5-10 Kts East Wind (heading: 315ºM)
  • 17:19 EDT: taking picture of the Sun through the clouds
  • 17:30 EDT: Abeam of the K4 marker, turning around and tacking back a few times
  • 18:25 EDT: dowsing sail and motoring towards the marina
  • 18:55 EDT: moored back at the docks
  • 19:30 EDT: leaving the boat
  • 19:39 EDT: taking picture of a Samuel-Adams floating over the docks
  • 20:25 EDT: leaving the NSC and walking to Bayshore bus terminal
  • 20:31 EDT: taking picture of the NSC at sunset from Haydon Park
  • 20:56 EDT: hop on the 97 to the Airport*
  • 21:28 EDT: at Laurier station
  • 21:35 EDT: on the 86 to Hurdman*
  • 21:40 EDT: at Hurdman station
  • 21:48 EDT: on the 86 to Elmvale*
  • 22:00 EDT: at Elmvale Plaza, walking
  • 22:10 EDT: showering.

My fellow commuters would have had a hard time trying to guess where I was going or coming from, and so would have the boaters on the river with whom “Sassy” crossed wakes…