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Radio Qualified Ontario Islands within the National Capital Region


An article posted a month ago ( referred to the Ontario islands in the National Capital Region (NCR) that had not yet been qualified for the Canadian Islands Activators Program (

According to the rules of that program: “Qualification is the initial, first time operation from a Canadian island authorized and numbered by the Webmaster. […] In order to qualify a new Canadian island a minimum of 25 contacts including at least 2 different DXCC entities is required. […]Activation is any subsequent operations from a qualified Canadian island [… and] there is no minimum number of QSOs required for an activation.” (

Which means that any island previously qualified is readily available for activation,for example, during the “W/VE Islands QSO Party” ( whose 2017 edition will take place within two weeks: 1200z 26 August – 0300z 27 August, 2017. This begged the question as to which Ontario islands in the NCR had already been qualified for the program. Hence, the entire Ontario database of qualified islands ( was searched for islands in Grid Locators FN15 and FN25, and the Ontario islands within the boundaries of the NCR ( were retained.

This analysis yielded the following twelve islands (those followed by an asterisk are water-locked and hence not accessible by road):

Here are two maps indicating the location of each of these islands (the dotted rectangle in the first map corresponds to the area shown in the second):

Note: Clarence Island (ON-301) is to the East of the City of Ottawa, within the City of Clarence-Rockland in Prescott-Russell United County, which the Canadian Census considers to be part of Canada’s National Capital Region (