Sassy Goes Live on TV and Contributes to Two Radio Publications

Last August 8 2017 Sassy was live on TV. She had just spent the night at the Pinhey Point’s cove swinging at her anchor when the CTV crew showed up in the park for some footage for the “Morning Live” program. The broadcast included several instances of panning the cove with Sassy in the foreground. The full video is available here:

CTV Morning Live2

The following are the times into the video of the segments that focussed on Pinhey Point and those followed by an asterisk are the ones showing Sassy and Woodpecker, who had sailed upriver together:

  • 0:55:20 – 0:59:20
  • 1:21:25 – 1:25:12
  • 2:08:54 – 2:12:40
  • 2:24:40 – 2:23:50 *
  • 2:36:17 – 2:36-36 *
  • 2:40:00 – 2:42:46 *
  • 2:53:00 – 2:53:50 *

More recently, Sassy Gaffer has made it into two major radio publications.

One is a scientific publication by Michel VE3EMB reporting the successful use of weak sound signals for underwater communications at a distance over 2.5 kilometers, for which Sassy literally had to whisper (actually, “WSPR”) underwater. Here are the reference and the link:

“Weak Signal Underwater Communications in the Ultra Low Frequency Band” In: Proceedings of the 7th GNU Radio Conference, Vol 2, No 1, San Diego, CA, September 11-15, 2017.

Available at:


The second is an account of Sassy’s contributions towards bringing together Amateur Radio and small-boat inland water sailing, and more precisely of the success she had as a “1C ONE” Field Day station after warming the ionosphere via a “W3EDP Jr.” tangled up her standing rigging:

“Portable Afloat: Bringing Together Amateur Radio and Small-Boat Inland-Water Sailing” In: The Canadian Amateur (TCA Magazine): Vol.45, Num.5, pp.48-50, September-October, 2017 ( The previous link will only work if you are a RAC member and logged into the RAC website. However, with the permission of the TCA Editor, here is the full article:

VA3PCJ – PortableAfloat

Way to go Sassy! You are on your way to become the most famous SunCat 17 ever… Oh, sorry, you already are… Well, then the Red Carpet is waiting (er… the Red River…?).