Haul-Out Day 2017

Not a happy day, but successful nevertheless.

Sassy was hauled-out from the river this morning and she is already tucked in the yard under her tarp, ready for the winter. With some luck she will be returning to the water sometime between March and May 2018.

Hauling out Sassy for the winter is an operation that requires a couple of previous trips to the marina to remove “Cue-Ar_Pee” (the dinghy) and most of the stuff inside, lower the mast, remove the Windex and the anchor light, remove the sail (a major event in itself), secure all lines, shrouds, forestay and spars, place pads to protect the tarp at every point that might cause chaffing or tearing.

Then, on the day of the haul-out (this is how I recall it from this morning…):

  • Load the Jeep with everything needed, including the ladder and the trailer hitch;
  • Drive to to the yard to retrieve the trailer (12 Km);
  • Hitch the trailer to the Jeep (check air pressure in tires and that all lights work);
  • Drive with it to the marina (28 Km);
  • Park near the ramp;
  • Walk to the boat at her slip in the marina;
  • Start the motor;
  • Bring up the anchor in the anchor roller so so that it will clear the top of the winch of the trailer;
  • Undock from the slip in the marina and motor to the floating dock at the ramp;
  • Secure the boat to the floating dock at the ramp;
  • Bring up the rudder and the centerboard up but leave the engine down and on after disconnecting the gas line to empty the carburetor for the winter;
  • Walk to the Jeep and trailer;
  • Disconnect the trailer lights from the car before getting it submerged;
  • Back the trailer into the water in front of the boat;
  • Board the boat, put on boots and bring the motor up;
  • Unfasten the dock lines and bring the fenders inside the boat
  • Step on the trailer tongue and use the line at the bow to start bringing the boat forward towards the trailer;
  • Hook the strap of the trailer winch to the pad in the bow and bring the boat all the way forward;
  • Make sure the boat is properly aligned on top of the trailer;
  • Bring the trailer and boat out of the water and to the parking lot;
  • Remove the boots, get the boat ladder and board the boat;
  • Remove the gas tank and the gas line;
  • Place dryer sheets and car freshener cartons inside the cabin;
  • Lock the cabin door;
  • Remove the outboard from its bracket and bring it to the back of the Jeep;
  • Re-connect the trailer lights;
  • Drive the boat to the yard (28 Km) and back her to her spot;
  • Disconnect the tongue of the trailer from the hitch;
  • Put the tarp on top of the boat and fasten it to the frame of the trailer using thin lines (and bath-curtain rings…);
  • Drive home (12 Km);
  • Unload the Jeep and transfer the outboard to its rack.

All this years Sassy has been covered using two silver heavy-duty tarps: a 16′ x 12′ in the front and an 8′ x 12′ at the stern) but today she a got a single 24′ x 12′ new tarp (see picture):

Haulout 2017

And one last thing… never forget to take with you the Club magnetic card to open the gate for accessing the docks… (I did… and had to borrow one from the Club’s office: Thank you Julie!).