From CX-Land the mini-W3EDP Hears NA Stations Calling “CQ SS”


The mini-W3EDP success a couple of weeks ago allowing two CW QSOs was not repeated. Propagation conditions continued to be extreme and CX7RT was only able to log a handful of QRP FT8 QSOs during the last two weeks. Furthermore, FT8 signals seem to be all what the mini-W3EDP is able to hear. As per the PSKreporter ( The FT8 5W signal from the KX3 has been reaching South and North America both in 15M and 17M but not beyond. Seven 15M FT8 QSOs have been logged, three with US stations: WB2REM (FL), W4RQ (FL) and K1HTV (VA) (all three confirmed in LoTW).

The main radio contest taking place today (November 19) is the “Phone ARRL SweepStakes”. This old competion is only for US and Canada stations. However, if offers an opportunity to check for reception from NA. During a full hour (18:00z – 19:00z) ten NA stations were heard calling “CQ SS” in 15M (9 from the US and one from Canada). The signals were week (54 or less) but reception was clear with no PreAmp needed. Here they are:

N0MA 21.235.0 17:58z IA
VE6SV 21.290.0 18:02z AB
K7RAT 21.300.0 18:04z OR
N8OO 21.312.0 18:05z LA
N9RV 21.319.3 18:07z MT
WC6H 21.292.5 18:39z CA
N4TP 21.340.9 18:44z FL
K6IJ 21.331.0 18:46z CA
K4BBH 21.286.0 18:48z GA
WA2VYA 21.309.5 18:51z TX