Mini-Contesting from “Río de la Plata”: QRP/P in the CQWW DX CW with the Mini-W3EDP


Over a month ago CX7RT/VA3PCJ wrote in this blog: “The 2017 CQ WW CW is scheduled to take place Nov 25-26. If I find myself available on those dates, I may try my luck in it, hoping this time to be joined (and likely beaten) by more able CX amateurs with better QRP stations than myself.” (

The CQ page of the all-time records in the CQ WW DX CW shows no entry for a CX station in the SOSB 15M category. Hence, the effort would concentrate exclusively in the 15M band.

On Saturday November 25th there was family around and the radio remained silent. But the situation reversed on Sunday. Nevertheless, given current propagation conditions (propagation for the 15M band was deemed to be “poor”) and the challenged nature of the portable set-up, there was little hope for more than a handful of contacts in the 2017 edition of the CQ WW DX CW.

The radio was the Elecraft KX3 set at 5 Watts. The tuner was the Elecraft T1 operated remote (i.e., at feed-point of the antenna), and the antenna was the Mini-W3EDP (one fourth version, at scale, of the original W3EDP) deployed as an inverted “V” at the front of a balcony (facing NW) in the top (4th) floor of an apartment building (

Several contacts had to be dropped and others required manual repeats of the exchange via the single-paddle Palm key. However, each logged contact provided the instantaneous reward of realizing, in real-time, that it was nevertheless possible.

At the end of the day 33 QSOs had been logged in 8 DXCC’s and 8 CQ Regions. No contacts were possible outside the Americas but 19 were in NA (including two in Canada: VE3EJ and VA2WA) and 3 in the Caribbean. All the contacts logged were uploaded to eQSL and LoTW and can be seen here:

CX7RT past success in CQ contests has been due to it being the only CX station participating QRP, a participation that has pursued two major objectives: fun and the hope of promoting QRP contesting among CX amateurs. The first of these two objectives has been fully attained. Now CX7RT hopes for the second.