The Wakes I Leave…

2017 Wasn’t Such a Bad QRP Year After All…


In the 2nd semester of the year, VA3PCJ/VE3DTI succeeded in contacting 10 RAC stations operating for the “RAC Canada 150” (nine as VA3PCJ and five as VE3DTI). Not a spectacular result, but not bad considering that all contacts were QRP and using only CW and SSB mode (i.e., no digital modes):

Also, the results from this year contests have been quite encouraging so far :

ARRL International DX Contest (CW) 2017
First VE (Class: ALL, PWR: A)

RAC Canada Day 2017
First VE2 (SOABQRP) (Listed in error as SOABCW)

ARRL Field Day 2017
ONE 1C Portable Afloat)
8th out of 46 (it would have likely been much closer to the first, had ARRL assigned the correct PWR multiplier (5 instead of 2), since the radio was not powered by the boat engine or batteries but by an independent portable P-BOX Li-battery used only by the radio).

GM DXA 2017
First NA, First VE (SO-20-CW-LOW)

13th VE (regardless of power)

NAQP RTTY February 2017

Ontario QSO Party 2017
First Place QRP in United Counties of Prescott & Russell

W/VE Islands QSO Party 2017
2nd as Expeditionary QRP

And there are still many more results to come:

CQMM 2017
CQWW DX 2017
FLQP 2017
GAQP 2017
IARU HF Championship 2017
His Majesty The King of Spain CW Contest 2017
MIQP 2017
MOQP 2017
MSQP 2017
NAQP CW August 2017
NAQP RTTY July 2017
NAQP SSB August 2017
NEQP 2017
OHQP 2017
SA Sprint July 2017
RAC Canada Winter Day 2017