Sitting Pretty under a Silver Gown and a White Cloak

Since October 6th last year, “Sassy” has been sitting pretty on her trailer, under her big tarp, at the back of the yard. The Spring thaw sometimes happens fast. However, it will take some time for the snow to thaw enough for the tarp to be removed and for the tall snow banks around her to allow the trailer to be hitched out from its current location.

IMG_2012 2

When this happens, the Spring thaw also likely will cause high waters throughout the Ottawa Valley and possibly even some flooding of the river banks, though hopefully not as much as last Spring when high water levels in the Ottawa River forced her launching to be delayed until May 27th. With some luck this year it will happen much sooner.

For the last six years Sassy has been using a wet-mooring in the marina (before, in 2010 & 2011, she used a dry-mooring). Records during this time show that on average she has been afloat for 4.5 months each year having been launched at the earliest on May 5 (2015) and at the latest and on June 1st. (2014), and hauled out September 6 (2016) at the earliest and October 12 (2014) at the latest.

Days afloat.jpeg

Hence, with some luck she will be back in the water in 3-4 months, and with further luck maybe even earlier…