A “QRP” Rowing Tour of the Marina

The marina 20080803

Early this morning I went to meet Sassy. There was no wind, so I cleaned the cockpit and chased some big spiders… (it wasn’t too bad: just found a big funnel down the anchor chain locker and another below the anchor. Two large long-jaws that inhabited the ladder at the stern took off on the water and headed to shore —a smart move!). I removed “QRP” (aka, the Sportyak II dinghy) from the cockpit, checked the fuel level at the tank, lowered the engine into the water and started it for a few minutes to refresh the fuel in the carburator.

Then I launched QRP (I had left it lying on the dock beside Sassy), rigged its seat (a Försiktig children stool from IKEA) and its oars, brought onboard the required safety equipment and went for a leisure row around the marina. Like green sequins, the round leaves of the water lilies (and few flowers) coloured the edge of the bay, while several purple-martin families used the branches of a tall dead tree as a launching pads to teach their fledglings the art of flight (a much needed skill for their upcoming migration all the way to South America). A big turtle dove from a rock close to shore in front of QRP (I was rowing forward) and a flock of Canadian geese and a family of mallards kept preening their feathers, even as QRP approached them quite close.

Before leaving, I brought the mast down and threaded one long and thin line through one of the  blocks at the top: hopefully, in coming weeks, this will help to deploy either the PAR EndFedZ tribander or the mini-W3EDP from tje rigging for some portable-afloat radio activity.