Maybe Next Time…

On Saturday I had planned a return to Chenail Island at Hawksbury, ON. The idea was to operate QRP/P from there for two hours (2:00-4:00pm EDT) in the NAQP CW, which I was almost sure to let me log the 25 QSO’s in at least two DXCC’s required for a successful qualification of the island for the Canadian Island Activators Program.

I did arrive on the island as planned, around 10:00am EDT (14:00z). Here is proof courtesy of the Kenwood TH-D72A:


However, here is a picture taken mid-morning from the underpath under the Pearly Bridge in Chenail Island:


The column of water on the right is from a drainage pipe of the bridge, and the different aspect of the surface of the water under and away from the bridge is caused by the drenching rain. The rain was massive and electric discharges were flashing everywhere with weather cells blowing East one after the other. I even had the impression that they were forming right above us.  Here is a radar picture (Hawksbury is close to the tip of the “t” in “Lachute”):


By the time of the onset of the NAQP CW, the forecast in the Radar app in my iPhone was not getting any better, and I decided against raising any antenna in those conditions. Hence, I crossed to La Belle Province and drove into Montréal.

Maybe next time…