Sometimes, it just happens…


Anybody following this blog would know that, lately, radio reports have been conspicuously absent from it. Old age, lack of perceived progress in CW skills, disenchantment with FT8 and, mostly, dismal propagation conditions have been the main reasons for this sorry state of affairs. However, last Saturday, early in the afternoon, an effort was made to listen for any 20M CW reaching the 50+ foot-long end-fed wire hanging from the maple in the backyard behind the shack. Several signals were heard from Europe and the US, but the only station that answered the reply from my Kleine Morsetasten was a station in Petal, MS (at abt. 2,000 Km almost due South): Ralph K0RO was calling CW WES, participating in the SKCC Weekend Sprintathon (WES). He was using over 100W power and his crisp signal was reaching my station as a true 599.  As if this was not enough as a surprise, I was almost shocked when he acknowledged my reply and awarded a 599 report to the 5W signal from the ICOM 703, which I had little room to doubt as too generous, since he then QSL’ed my full SKCC exchange (RST, QTH, Name SKCC Number) at first try and with no repeats. We later exchanged QSL in eQSL and LoTW. Much appreciated Ralph 73 K0RO de VE3DTI AR.