Haul Out 2018 and Some Statistics…


Well, it happened… since last Saturday, for the seventh time since 2012, Sassy is again on her trailer and in the dry, ready for another Canadian Winter.

She was brought to Canada in March 2010 and stayed in “dry dock” that year and the next. However, every season since 2012 she has been occupying slip 16 in the X-dock at the marina of the Nepean Sailing Club. Here are some statistics:

Dates afloat 2018.jpeg

Estimating an outing every 2-3 weeks Sassy may have made close to 8 outings each season for a total of 50-60 so far. Estimated each outing at 10 nautical miles (NM), she would have been underway 80 NM each year for a total mileage so far of 500-600 NM. To these one would have to add her week-long cruising and gunkholing adventures in Georgian Bay and the upper Ottawa River in 2010-2015, which would add some 300-400 more miles for a total of 800-1000 NM already under her hull (belt?).

So far, thanks to the very able care of Alex C. (seen wearing rubber boots on the first picture in the composite above) and his colleagues at the J&S Service Station in Blackburn Hamlet, Sassy’s road-auxiliary (the 2006 CRD Jeep Liberty) is still going strong at over 150,000 Km. And also —knock wood— so has been so far Sassy’s skipper.

Looking forward to re-launching Sassy in 2019.