First VE in the log from CX-land this year…


A QRP contact with a VE station from CX-land is always a special pleasure for CX7RT. More so given current limitations in HF wave propagation.

After trying for several VE stations calling CQ in the WSJT-X FT8 waterfall, a QSO was readily completed with Brian VE1JBC in Tusket, NS. John has also since confirmed the QSO in LoTW.

This was an 8822 Km QSO, which is not an everyday achievement for an Elecraft KX3 with a 5W output into the 15m PAR EndFedZ monobander spanning the front of the balcony in an inverted “V” configuration.

This was the 17th time (out of a total of 408 QSO’s as CX7RT so far) that CX7RT reaches a station in Canada.

Thank you Brian VE1JBC, VY 73!